Starfighter Inc. (Working Title)

A hard science-fiction based multiplayer space combat simulator

Project description

Starfighter Inc. is a hard-science science-fiction based multiplayer space-combat shooter. The game's main features are incredibly realistic space combat, and insane player customization.
My main responsibilities consisted of gameplay and UI programming, most notably:

  • The Game Mode: Enables designers to easily build extensive level designs, while securely taking care of important actions like player management, spaceship spawning and tracking of game progress, making sure that clients have a solid experience.
  • Vehicle Command Modules: Part of my duties were to make sure the cockpits were up to design. These are incredibly important and complicated pieces since they are the primary interaction the player has with the game world.
  • Pilot Terminal: Starfighter Inc.'s Storefront, inventory and customization system.
  • Game Settings & Input System
  • End-Game Scoreboard
If you would like to see visuals and code of my work, or receive contacts for references, please contact me directly.

Technical Details

  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4.16
  • Code languages: C++ and Unreal Blueprint
  • Platform: PC
  • VR Supported