Heroes of Congress

Starting a world war has never been so easy!

Project description

Heroes of Congress is a digital social deduction game for 6 players. It is controlled with your mobile phone and uses a TV screen to display events that happen during the game.
All players are a member of the world congress and are tasked to solve the problems which plague the world. The players do this by completing missions. There, however, is a defector among the players whose goal it is to spark the next world war. The so-called warmonger does this by failing missions which they are sent on.  Peace loving players have to identify the warmongers and make sure that a majority of the missions succeed while the warmongers have to fail the majority before their identity is discovered.

Technical Lead

After I developed a proof of concept application without a game engine (pure Android java) and we found this project had potential, we expanded the scope of the game. I was responsible for properly communicating system and UI design, and planning deadlines when these features would be implemented in the game. Other responsibilities include playtesting to find bugs and managing builds and submissions for various platforms.

Gameplay & UI programming

This mainly consists of building UI elements with Unity's GUI system, attaching client and server side logic to them. These fragments include missions, information, notifications and more.

Gameplay tracking

For game balancing, I created a gameplay tracking system which anonymously records player actions on a server, and sends these to a centralized database. From this data, we can generate graphs and tables, which the designers on this team can use to improve balance within the game.

Technical Details

  • Engine: Unity 5.3 (C#)
  • Platform: Android & iOS, with Chromecast