About me

Hi! I'm Danny, nice to meet you!
I'm a games programmer and scripter who is currently working for Build A Rocket Boy.

Projects and Job Experience


2018-present, Lumberyard / Unreal Engine 4

At Build A Rocket Boy, I'm working on their debut title as a Gameplay Scripter, creating and supporting many different gameplay systems.

Build A Rocket Boy


2019-2021, Arduino

In my spare time I enjoy working on some electrical engineering and embedded programming. This is the latest one I've finished!

Project Details Firmware

In The Black

2017-2018, Unreal Engine 4

At Impeller Studios I worked on their debut title as a Gameplay/UI Programmer and Build Engineer.

Impeller Studios

Heroes of Congress

2016, Unity 5.3

Our third-year university project; A social deduction game for mobile that uses the Google Chromecast for a unique experience!

Project Details